Pipe Industrial Printer

    PVC pipe、steel pipe、construction material and 
other industries all need big logo or information printing. 
Rottweil has extensive experience on construction pipe, 
profile, flooring, block board,decorative board. With 
vertical 48 dots maximum, the single nozzle can achieve 
the high quality logo printing. The remarkable performance 
pigment printer uses the unique non-contact magnetic stirring 
system ensures the ink system stable and reliable. 

Rottweil Inkjet Printer,Inkjet Printer

Product advantage:



Capable of printing:

2-5 lines


Printing text

Manufacturers, trademark, model specifications, production date, etc


For material

Pipe (surface)



Aluminum and other pipes 



Germany technology, stable system

Capable of printing on high speed production line

Dual-core CPU, no downtime, no production effecting

Various imported inks meet different demands

More savable of consumables

Cost-effective for long term use

Automatic daily maintenance reminder

Advanced technical service system and sales system