On the morning of the prairie, from the moment when everything wakes up, the competition began. Antelope only run fast enough that will not become meal of lion; Lion only run fast enough that will not suffer hungry…… Nature is the gift to winner by God. For the enterprise, only run forward without stop that will have the possibility to win a place in the market. Perhaps you think you are successful that could soothe the tired verves down for a while, but do not forget, all around you are the opponents with covetous eyes who never relax the vigilance to you.

No pains no gains, heaven rewards those who work hard. Shanghai Rottweil Handyware Printing Technology Co., Ltd has been gone through all kinds of hardships since its establishment. The company now has a strong team of R&D, industrial design and marketing, under the joint effort of this outstanding team the company brand is gradually increasing, the market share is gradually expanding and the good quality, good reputation, good service “Rottweil” has been already built. In China, the company has been established with Shanghai as the center, including Tianjin, Ji’nan, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou etc 18 branch offices. Rottweil inkjet printer received much praise in wire & cable, building material, food & beverage, medicine, daily chemical, electronics and other industries. On the world, our marketing network covers more than forty countries and regional markets! Regardless of wind and rain, fight together for future success is the achievement and honor of every Rottweil people! We also thank all walks of life continued support and trust, and always choose to fight with us during the stormy and uncertain market movement!

After summed past glory, do not forget the road under your foot! The competition still fierce, the market situation is more severe. But Rottweil will always adhere to the "people-oriented, customer first" service philosophy, her staff will go forward hand in hand and service customers by win-win cooperation! Rottweil vows to be an eagle, I believe she can fly straight to the sky even with more storms and challenges! If you ask why I have such confidence, please look behind me, it was an outstanding team I proud of, because of this team Rottweil will never quit the stage but more excellent.

“Credit master, superior quality, trusted brand!” the standard of Rottweil will make a way for her tomorrow’s success.