There is an ancient word about business success and development: Who gain the talent will flourish, who lose the talent will perish. Who gain the talent will win the world, who lose the talent will lose the world. No matter the rise and fall of a country or the success and fail of an enterprise is closely related to talented people. Talent is the cornerstone of the development of an enterprise. We encourage every staff to participate in company’s development and give constructive ideas and suggestions to improve company’s performance. In a word, company’s success depends on the teamwork, concerted efforts and complete contribution of all her staff.

We treasure human resources, look for talented people all over the world and regard employee as the most valuable asset. Every staff’s dedication and hard working is the greatest power of company’s progress and development. Our concept of talent is: “honesty, integrity, respect other and create together.” Base on innovation and enterprising spirit, the competition mechanism was also established: “Use the capable ones, replace the average ones and relief the incapable ones.” Such an environment and atmosphere makes competition equal to everyone. Equal competition, survival of the fittest, exert strongpoint and avoid shortcoming of people became our company’s philosophy. Our purpose is to follow the normal growth rules of talents and everyone competes from the same scratch line. Without excessive demanding of talents, we exert people’s strongpoint and avoid his shortcoming, make the best use of their skills and contribute to help them grow better at the same time. We try to do the best about: the right people get the right job, the right job set for the right person. We keep talent not only by salary but also by career and sentiment. We adhere to be honest, trustworthy and respectful to our staff and customers, and also require our staff to be honest, trustworthy and respectful. Regardless of different cultural backgrounds, every staff is respected and provided with good、safe working conditions and training opportunities. With this concept and environment, to make best use of everyone’s skills would be achieved. The good atmosphere and virtuous cycle of everyone hopes become a talent and everyone can be taught to be a talent was well formed.

We always advocate humane management, adhere to the “respect people, culture people, accomplish people” philosophy, insist on concept innovation and system innovation, create “fair, judicial, open” atmosphere and set up a series of mechanism to respect talent, train talent, give full play to their potential, which ensure the development of the company and the achievement of personal maximum values perfectly in harmony.

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