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Promotion of Industry Development and Demonstration on Modernization of Machinery Production

       The important identification of modernization is the replacement of traditional production by more and

more machinery production in accuracy and fast speed on behalf of time and efficiency. Manual operation

is replaced by artificial machine and artificial intelligence which become the main power of the production.

Human being, as the important part of modernization, becomes the combination of the technology and

hardware as well as the right-hand man of production lines for development of more products. Inkjet

printer, as a necessary coding machine of various industries, makes a progress and technology

improvement sweeping the obstacles on identification breakthrough for many industries and playing

important roles for the development and improvement of the industry.

       The technology of the inkjet printer is mainly shown in the aspects of production efficiency and effects.

As we know, in the era of full automation, the automatic production means more freedom is given to the

man power. That is, most of the man power is free. The inkjet printer introduces full automatic production

mode which greatly decreases the use-cost in its application. The printing speed of inkjet printer at

present reaches the mainstream speed of most industries which is a great progress of the coding

industry. We need products with identification mark become part of rapid progress instead of speed

reduction on production line. The accessibility and high efficiency of inkjet printer are reflected clearly with

its application on more industries and its successful cases. Therefore, the inkjet printer, as an active tool

on the production, brings sustainable motive force for various kinds of industries through its industry