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Identification Solution to the Basic Industries

In manufacturing industries, some products belonged to basic industries lay the important foundation of products quality and industrial production for the whole industries. Basically, some important industries, such as auto parts industries and cable industries, which laid a solid foundation of products quality and industrial production for the whole industries. Therefore, the important characteristics of these industries are to have better product scale, high effective product quality and so on. These industries hold stricter quality control and face fiercer competition. Manufacturers should make plans on how to make their products more distinctive and attractive in the whole industries. Basically, these products require a detailed identification. As a solution, the application of coding machine also causes the difficult problem of choosing. In view of the characteristics and requirements of basic industry products, the corresponding products derived from coding machines will be launched. For these industries, the identification printed by the inkjet printer is an ideal choice.

         The inkjet printer has good performance both on products identification and printing speed. Therefore, the inkjet printer is an ideal choice for products made by full automatic production lines. Meanwhile, the inkjet printer has advantage over the two standards, that is, font precision and accuracy of the fine products or products in small size. It is easy to be identified even for the very small fonts. For users, it is very important to reach such two standards. While the technology adopted by inkjet printer is not to spoil the surface of products or the surface of the package and to guarantee the products appearance without contacting the surface of the products. The identifications printed in such way are simple and trusted. Practice proved that manufacturers in these industries increasingly valued on the choice of the inkjet printer in order to make their identifications more personalized and simplified.