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Opportunity of Identification is the Motive of Industry Progress

        The development of the identification is mostly relied on the management of the products and the monitoring of the market. The motives of pushing the development of the identification are mostly from external forces of the products. Therefore, the development of the identification is really an important motive of industry progress, especially for the inkjet printer industry to which rapid product replacement has an important significance. The development of identification is not only the motive of progress but also is a challenge. How to keep track the products before innovate its identification? It is one of an important research projects of the industry to bring the products with identification into their own industry field.


          At present, the development of inkjet printer industry can keep pace with times to produce good inkjet printers for the products and provide strong driving force for its development.


         The inkjet industry is developed and flourished benefiting from the increasing of the products categories and quantities as well as the expansion of the products market which are all complementary to each other. Current technologies and products of various brands have different performance with good and bad being intermingled. We expect that in the future the development of the industries will follow the pace of healthy competition and products technology progress allowing the identification to provide the motives of progress for the developments of all walks of life and promote the efficiency and quality of the products. With the further promotion of technology and products quality, it will bring the assistance on cooperative progress and mutual development for the development of the future products as a contribution of identification industry.