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Commercial Dynamic Identification, Concise Way of Anti-Counterfeiting


         Identification plays an important role in commodities and other functions of important products. At present

stage, such identification of commercial products is developing towards to the products anti-counterfeiting and

standardization breaking through the traditional function of demonstration and management of products. The

identification with anti-counterfeiting function becomes one of important supporting roles. One of important way is to

use dynamic identification as an important assistant role which needs inkjet printers with a large database to create

and use a dynamic identification. The identification of inkjet printers as a dynamic code of security measures holds

the unique distinction without imitations in comparison with the traditional anti-counterfeiting way of color or of the

cryptical symbol. All above mentioned anti-counterfeiting ways prove that the identification of the inkjet printers

becomes one of the important effective way of anti-counterfeiting.

         Inkjet printer accesses to a database and outputs the data information into the identification mark of the

product. Manufacturer has the absolute control of these data information as a anti-counterfeiting means so as to

prevent fake and inferior products from shocking to the market and improve the reliability of their own products.

Dynamic identification as a security method is also with the features of simplicity and effectiveness which helps

anti-counterfeit procedure of the important products to go towards simple way from complicated one.