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Hard Implementation on Policy of Speed-up with Fee Reduction in Telecommunication Industry


       The national policy, “Speed-up with fee reduction in telecommunication industry”, is proposed and required by 

administration to be carried out in fulfillment. However, with several months passed, this project of benefiting people

is still in the air hard to be fulfilled completely to realize the real favor on people. Considering the phenomenon like

this, under the law of market, whether it is harmful to the benefit of industry development once accept national

adjustment and control, or in fact no industries are willing to offer their invested interests for nothing, varied

industries may have various intentions. But so far right now, healthy competition and technical progress of products

meet the requirements of product market truly producing great interests for the progress of varied industries.

       Without spending too long time, inkjet printer industry made accomplishments to establish intimate relationship

with varied industries within half a century, moreover, it formed cooperative relations with most of products.

Basically, the existing inkjet printers can provide all-round marking services for common products. With time passing

by, inkjet printer products are also innovated on technology and efficiency accordingly reaching international level

basically, contributing its efforts for industrial progress and development and producing the effects for reduction of

identification cost and promotion of identification performance. As a result, industrial progress made contribution to

the development of industry with orientations to the market economy in accordance with developing track and law of

products leading to the emergence of the innovated products continually for industrial progress and creation of

higher value for the industry existence.