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Ink with Rapid Drying Function is Helpful to the Printer Code


          By virtue of good coding effects and ease-of-use, CIJ printers with small characters are widely used in the package of more and more products. Particularly, with the coming of modernization, it is more obvious of the trend that machines will replace man’s labor as well as the efficiency of coding machine, which is also quite different from man’s power, especially between full automatic and handheld coding machines. As regards the factories with small identity requirement, they use handheld coding machines with lower speed and less clarity of the image. It also becomes a kind of comparison between man’s power and machines which proves the fact that the popularity of full automatic coding machine is a reflection of productivity progress.

        Along with the increase of types of ink and constant improvement of quality, it brings with another kind of state in application of small characters of inkjet printer. As ink with rapid drying performance can leave clear printing on the products, it helps us to finish the follow-up work of packing without long-time waiting. With the improvement of the ink adhesion, ink can be applied in more material and the printing quality of the printer is improved as well, which earn old customers’ trust and win more new customers with accomplishment of and improvement of identification efficiency made in more industries.