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Product performance reflects technology and service embodies responsibility of manufacturer

      Just as after-sales service being focused more by merchants, the service of mechanical products are also emphasized too.



       For CIJ printer industry, service is a very important index as its standardization, quality and professionalism  will bring far-reaching effects on the use of CIJ printer.



      CIJ printer, a machine working for long time, is necessary to be maintained regularly. Otherwise, it is hard to avoid the working fault caused by misoperation and not timely maintenance. Based on this situation, it is particularly important to focus on service index besides of performance of CIJ printer.


      Service index can be reflected by many aspects including service site, service mode, professionalism of service team and their response time. Any companies which attach great importance to their brands will make policies to strengthen their after-sales service continuously as their advantage. Therefore, customers of CIJ printers will benefit from these policies speeding up their production more conveniently.