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Easy operation of CIJ Printers

       Normally the complexity on operation and maintenance of CIJ printer is related to the concept of design and technology. In fact, when we try the high-tech of products like CIJ printers, as users, we do not hope to master all details even every step and tip. The skilled technology is like a two-edged sword. But for users, the most simple and easy operation is the best option.



       Humanity design is considered as another important side on the design of the CIJ printers. Some humanity designs could be helpful for users to check and know well of the condition of CIJ printers within shortest time when they operate. For example, in order to help users to observe the separation of ink dots, Rottweil fit a observation window made of magnifying glass on the part of sprayer. Users could easily complete debugging the programme of ink dots separation without using any tools. Thus, it is one of the most important reflection of humanization. 



       For users of CIJ printers, simple and easy operation are value-added parts on users experience. While different brands of CIJ printers have same quality and similar steady technology, the warm use experience reflected on above mentioned details will bring manufacturers good feedback on the brands of CIJ printers.