Why do anti-counterfeiting tracing?

Anti-counterfeiting tracing can effectively prevent fake products and maintain good word-of-mouth brand communication. Vest the product unique information code and product traceability code, including product name, production date, implementation standard, sales area, so that consumers can rest assured consumption. At the same time, it also can integrate the terminal consumption secondary marketing.

  • Products
  • Physical Data
  • Optional Accessories
  • Service after sales

Product traceability management

Independent anti counterfeiting and tracing code is generated by the program and printed on the product, and the data is transmitted to the background to realize the tracing management of the product by querying the data.

。At present, a large number of Windows computers and PLC controllers are used in packaging workshops in various industries. However, Windows system tends to be stuck and delayed. In fact, Windows is more suitable for commercial systems. There are many limitations in industrial control. We innovatively develop the Linux-based embedded control system, which can not only realize industrial stability control, but also solve the problem of big data processing, and reduce the difficulty of training, maintenance, fault repair, industrial protection, etc., which is called the guidance product of the new generation of industrial control system.


 This system will be a perfect combination of industrial control and database processing, using efficient Linux instead of Windows, in  order to avoid the  problem  that  Windows system is not suitable for industrial systems; Integrated multi-channel IO and data interface, can be external sensor, emergency stop signal, alarm signal and other IO signals, and integrated multi-brand and multi-model code jet machine, laser machine, labeling machine communication protocol, reduce signal interference, no need to use IO card or PLC; The equipment has high protection level, long life, fast design, fast implementation, efficient training and low cost.


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