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  •  Rottweil 4100 is high resolution printer with touch screen developed based on HP print technology, featured as high resolution message printing.
  • Rottweil 4100  can print variable data including text, batch number, data of manufacture& expire date and image, shift code, Julian date, database, barcode etc..


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Printer Features:

  • Operation interface with 5 inch touch screen make it easier to operate.
  • High system integration, small size, less component and easy to install and maintain.
  • 300 dpi standard 300dpi encoder, 2 wheel structure are optional, User can adjust the distance freely.



Specification 218*79*152mm(H*W*D) / 8.6*3.1*6 inch
Language Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
Multi-line printing Support multi-line printing
Printable heights(mm) 1~12.7mm
Interface Newly operation touch interface,5inch,1280*720 resolution capacitive screen
Printing data Variable data like expiry date, production date, lot number and operator information,image/logo,barcode etc
Built-in coder Built-in coder make printer more handy and light
Reprint Real-time monitoring content of dynamic data printing, and real-time reprint failed content
Database Flexible data edit,support several data sources,insert different data sources in the same object
User management Set up different operation limits as user's request
Throw distance

300DPI standard with four wheels(Two wheels is optional)


USB2.0 port: Support U-Disk

Ink management Identify ink type automatically and recommend the best printing parameter
Original authentic HP ink cartridge guaranteed
Automatic measuring system for ink consumption
Battery 2pcs standard rechargeable batteries with large capacity
Each battery is comprised of three 2200mAh battery module
>300 cycle number
About 4H(Depends on testing)
Certificate CE、FCC


About warranty

Rottweil 4020EA series high resolution printer, make up of high quality spare parts under rigorous quality measurement. Unless special provisions signed, the warranty is one year from the date leaves the factory.

About accessories and consumable

Only the accessories and consumable from Rottweil can be used. The damages no matter directly or indirectly caused by using not-Rottweil accessories or consumable will not be covered under warranty.

About Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact with us if the machine fails. When you want to order spare parts, please specify the machine number (on the back of machine casing) and spare parts number. The following is the maintenance service hotline:

Tel:  400-886-8225   +86-21-58348225

Fax:  +86-21-58348193



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