How to Choose Right Consumable Properly?

  The nozzle is very small which requires fast drying and high adhesion of the consumables. Every step of the consumable production process is strictly processed and controlled, such as raw materials inspection, purification, formulation, grinding, reaction and testing. Users should make the right choice of the high quality consumables.


  1、The inks usually made from resins, solvents, pigments and other material and the solvents usually made from active agent and stabilizer. The manufacturer will provide appropriate ink according to the performance of the printer and the printing objects. Though there are many compatible inks claiming the same quality as the original, but in fact the printer will be failure after a period using. Because of the rigorous formula and production process, it’s difficult for general manufacturers make the compatible inks, and even difficult for some big manufacturers to make the same original inks. So, make sure the inks you use are original.


  2、The solvents specially made according to the character of inks to replenish and repair the structural damage of inks during running. Generally the compatible solvents do not have repair function which will be harmful to the printer. The molecular break poor, deflection decreasing, printing quality bad and even seriously cause the printer not run. The printer will lose the warranty from manufacturer or even be scrapped, therefore, be sure to choose the original solvent.


  3、In addition, the cleaners will be used to clean the print head and splashed inks. The cleaners mainly are acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, amyl ketone, alcohol and the like. Generally the manufacturer will provide the original cleaners, but also the user can select the appropriate cleaner yourself. We recommend choose the original for safe.


  The supplier will advise customers to buy which ink and solvent while provide the printer. Just follow the supplier’s advice. This will help avoid wrong using of consumables which may cause huge losses.


  Don’t mix inks from different manufactures, the mixture will form precipitate by physical or chemical reaction. According to the performance of the printer, the viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosion resistance, PH value etc should be under a certain range.