1、Afford technical consult service

We will provide the user with detailed contact information for consulting. Customers can reach for technical consulting flexibly through telephone, fax, letter or email. If needed, the professional engineer will communicate directly with user to solve problems.

2、Call return and care service

For each warranty request of customers, the company will have a call return visit to consult whether the user needs resolved and the service satisfied. The call return visit not only takes care of users but also supervises the service quality of engineers.

3、Service Supervision

To ensure service quality after sales, 务,Rottweil力 provide service hotline for complaints. Both the technical support and service are strictly supervised. If any dissatisfaction of technical support or any service not provided according to the standard service contract, you can dial the service hotline. Our company will arrange more senior engineer or visit your place directly to solve the problems.

4、Hotline of service after sales