In the electronics industry, many components and 
electronic boards need to be marked and coded, it’s 
usually printing for part number, place of origin, logo, 
production time, warehousing date, etc. In order to make 
all parts traceable, more and more electronics manufacturers 
use inkjet printer to give each component a unique identification, 
such as SN code, database support code, barcode, matrix barcode, etc. 
Rottweil inkjet printer use non-contact technology meet electronics 
coding demands. Whatever tiny resistor、capacitor or the larger 
components such as switches, can be managed by Rottweil printing technology.

Rottweil Inkjet Printer,Inkjet Printer

Product advantage:




Capable of printing:

1-5 lines


Printing text:

Technical parameters、product specification、manufacturer、logo & graphic etc.


For material:

Glass fiber、silicon、plastic、ceramic、metal、rubber、paper, etc.



Electronic components、electronic products, etc



Good printing quality, more savable of consumables

Ruby nozzles with durable and superior quality

Various imported inks such as high adhesion ink, corrosion resistance ink

Capable of high speed printing on production line

Dual-core CPU, no downtime, no production effecting

Non-contacting printing ensure no damage on product surface

Database printing

USB port easy upgrading, easy restore database