Covid-19- Rottweil Keep On Service & Supply

For Rottweil Group, our primary concern is to protect the health of our employees, their loved ones, and also that of our customers.

We are also focused on ensuring continuity of service and consumable supplies to you.

Nowadays, we all faced with the expansion of the Covid-19 pandemic globally.

Rottweil Group, we have activated our business continuity plan in the event of a crisis. It has evolved with circumstances and the uniqueness of this situation. Today, all of our customer support resources are available to answer your calls and deal with your requests. Telephone calls and electronic communications will be answered as normal as before.

Supply of Consumables

Rottweil  will continue production at optimum levels to ensure continued supply for customer orders in the global market..

Technical Support Team

Rottweil provides 24/7, 365 telephone support, manned by a team of product specialists. These specialists are standing by to provide extended support so we can resolve issues remotely and provide you with the knowledge they need to maintain.

Contact us using email


Spare Printer Availability

Dependent on availability, we may be in a position to offer units, enabling you to have internal redundancy of your printing equipment in the event of increased productivity.

For general questions or more information on support during these challenging times for everyone, please contact Sales & Service team via