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High Speed of CIJ Printers, matching with Industrial Demands

        Under the general trend of modern production line, it is made higher demands on the speed of CIJ printer. It is well known that there is higher speed request on the production lines of cable and beer industry. CIJ printers can be applied for these industries. Higher speed of CIJ printers must have higher steady function and better mark print effects. Therefore, CIJ printers applicable to above mentioned industries should be higher class of printing machine, that is printers with high technology.


      High class of CIJ printers are with good performance such as higher speed, better stability and mark print effects which all complete the categories of mark. Under the high speed of production line, CIJ printers only print the simple contents to follow it. If clearer mark identification is requested, such as two-dimension code, logo and barcode printing, normally it is completed by decreasing the speed of CIJ printer. In comparison, for the high speed of production line, simple printing contents like production date, product specification and industrial standard become the main printing descriptions. High class of CIJ printers could greatly improve mark print efficiency of such production lines in matching with their high speed.