Rottweil 4060EP Series Inkjet Printer Profile

Rottweil 4060EP is the third generation high resolution printer with touch screen developed on HP TIJ 2.5 Tech, featured as high resolution message printing. It can control 1-4 print heads. It can print variable data including text, batch number, data of manufacture& expire date and image, shift code, Julian date, database, barcode etc.  It can support all fonts including True Type . What you edit and see is what will be printed out. Support various kinds of languages. The print content is not limited in the font ,size, lines , which is a breakthrough for traditional printers. 

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More features below:

1. Easy operation,no need of any training.
2. Full metal shell,industrial design and stronger.
3. Take HP origial driving board to make print effect higher quality.
4. Wireless print head verify tech , more stable and intelligent.


Print System


Print Height


Max Print Speed

120m/m (150X300DPI)  60m/m (300x300DPI),  30m/m (600x300DPI)

Print Resolution

150-600 DPI

Interface Type

USB/Internet Access

Print Data Type

text, batch number, data of manufacture& expire date and image, shift code, Julian date, database, barcode etc


110-220VAC 50/60Hz

Printing Materials

Corrugated paper, coated carton, soft package, hard plastic, paper carton& liquid container

Application Industry

Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, medicine and building material market


1、Photo sensor

2、Shaft encoder

3、Print head stand/Bracket

4、Alarm system, 3 color (green/yellow/red)

About warranty

Rottweil 4060EA series high resolution printer, make up of high quality spare parts under rigorous quality measurement. Unless special provisions signed, the warranty is one year from the date leaves the factory.

About accessories and consumable

Only the accessories and consumable from Rottweil can be used. The damages no matter directly or indirectly caused by using not-Rottweil accessories or consumable will not be covered under warranty.


About Customer Service

Please do not hesitate to contact with us if the machine fails. When you want to order spare parts, please specify the machine number (on the back of machine casing) and spare parts number. The following is the maintenance service hotline:


Tel:  400-886-8225

Fax:  86-21-58348193




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