Different Printers For Different Projects

       There are a variety of inkjet printers on the market with different functions and features. It’s better to make clear of the features, performance, usage, etc to avoid the unnecessary troubles in the future.


     The inkjet printer has been widely used on the market mainly are CIJ, DOD, handheld inkjet printer and laser printer. Different types for different applications, so please choose the right printer for you.


     1、 CIJ printer: Suitable for almost all industries, occupies 80% of the market. Unsuitable for: silicone rubber, Teflon and the like.


     2、 DOD printer: Suitable for plastic pipes, cartons and other. Mainly used for barcode printing, the good designed DOD printer can print changeable barcode.


     3、Handheld inkjet printer: Suitable for sheet metal, cartons and other bulky goods or no fixed production line of products, the main feature is more convenient to carry. Drawbacks: printing position is not fixed and poor printing quality.


     4、Laser printer: Suitable for almost all industries, such as the liquor industry, the high temperatures of filling lines are not suitable for inkjet printer that have to use laser printer. However, laser printing will damage the surface of the products, so when make the selection should carefully consider.


     Understanding the different purposes of different types, you can choose the most suitable printer for your needs.